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Who We Are

Once upon a time, in a dark and gloomy land where all the houses were blackened, dirty and colorless, where all the leaves were brown and all the citizens were grumpy and unhappy; one little child prayed for the miracles of happiness, wonderment and beauty. Angels overheard this little child's prayer and decided to open their treasure chest of magical pure white sugar and poured it across the land.

The magical sparkling and shimmering sugar transformed into many kinds of sweetness. Amazing cakes, pastries and candies fell from the sky, falling everywhere, across the land, changing all that was once dark, dingy and dirty into glowing, shining, beautiful landscapes of candy and sugary goodness! Colorful cotton candy trees, cupcake flowers and macaroon bushes sprung up around all the homes and as far as the eye could see.

People look around their new world and at once were amazed, excited and happy once more. Everything around them looked so delicious that people would try to catch all the sweets that were falling down like raindrops. That day the people of the land forgot about all their worries, disappointments, fears and left all their tired and weary selves, safely in the past, and for that day and every day after, with every bite, they knew their lives had changed forever.

Sugar Galerie is here to bring you that bite. The excitement, wonderment, beauty and OMG feeling of oh so pure goodness that can be found in every bite you take of our delicious mouth-watering cakes. Amazing Cakes for Every Event.

Our History